5 Things you need to know about our scaffolding production

Every construction depends on the firm support scaffolding is intended to provide. The development of a project is left upon its steadiness and to ensure that, its manufacturing has to be carried the best way possible. At AAIT, we are proud of the work we do and the products we produce and deliver. We offer premium high-quality scaffolding equipment and accessories, and we want you to know a few details about how we create them and how we make them reach your hands. Here are 5 things about our scaffolding production:

1. Most of our products are made of steel

Steel has been used traditionally in the scaffolding manufacturing industry. Thanks to its heavy and hard characteristic, it is a material that ensures durability and resistance.

We work primarily with structural steel, mainly used for creating construction materials, and high strength low alloy structural steel, a kind of steel that has been mixed with different elements to enhance its properties and make it stronger and resistant to corrosion.

2. Q235 structural steel

We also work with Q235 structural steel, a Chinese low alloy steel commonly used in scaffolding production equivalent to an ASTM A36 mild steel in the US. Among its mechanical properties, Q235 steel has 26% of elongation and tensile strength Mpa of 375-500. It is generally used in support frames, shipping containers, and bridges.

We use it to make our forged couplers, which are pipe connectors and clamps; tube lock base plates used to tie the scaffold system; and steel planks.

3. Hot dip galvanizing finishing in our scaffolding production

All of our steel products are hot dipped galvanized. Hot dip galvanizing is a process in which metallic pieces are immersed in molten zinc to create a coat that makes metal more resistant to corrosion.

As the primary purpose of a coating of hot dip galvanizing is to protect from corrosion, it is a better option when compared to other protective systems for covering steel and other metals, like organic paints that are supposed to meet the same performance. Hot dipped galvanized equipment and accessories have a more extended durability thanks to zinc being an electropositive metal, which means that even if the coat is damaged, it still protects the steel.

4. Anti-slip for safety

Safety is a priority in every project, so wherever workers are stepping, their safety and security must be ensured. All of our planks are designed to have holes to be used as anti-slip boards to avoid accidents when walking on scaffolding.

5. You can buy directly from us

We just opened an office in Houston, Texas, where we manufacture and bring our products to our customers. We also became our own distributors and are the first in allowing customers to buy directly from the manufacturer. This means that you can go to any of our scaffolding production factories and make your purchase there, which differentiates us from the competition and lets you save more money.

At AAIT we understand that every customer has specific requirements, and we must address each case personally. We are proud to say that we provide individualized customer care and we are concerned about the needs of all of our clients. Our goal is always to surpass your expectations.

As everything in life evolves, the scaffolding production and the metallurgical industry are in constant change. It wouldn’t be a surprise that in the upcoming years, there will be new materials for creating safer scaffolding, or new galvanization methods for better protection against corrosion. Maybe, as robotic pieces are being 3D printed, scaffolding could use this technology as well.

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