The certifications for scaffolding quality that make us proud

At AAIT / Technocraft Scaffold Distribution LLC, we are dedicated to scaffolding distribution in the US, as part of the Technocraft Group, a global supplier of premium quality scaffolding equipment and accessories. And we don’t say that just because; we proudly hold certifications for scaffolding services of quality and high standards.

Since our products are manufactured with the utmost attention to detail to meet or exceed the highest standards set in the scaffolding industry, we are always pursuing more certifications that demonstrate the quality we spread. At AAIT, with our diversified inventory and unparalleled customer service, we are committed to helping ensure the success of our clients operating in scaffold erection, industrial services, petrochemical concerns, infrastructure, and many more. We must assure quality to ensure the success of each project.

Let’s talk quality: Our welding certificate

We hold the most certificates for scaffolding quality standards and maintains the most robust quality control management in the scaffolding industry. Our welding department is certified as per EN 1090-2 standard by SLV Labs of Munich, Germany.

SLV stands for the “The Welding Technology Training and Research Institute,” according to its initials in German. Having a certification by the leading Institute in training, testing, and consulting in bonding technology, and surface technology makes us a trustful supplier of premium quality scaffolding equipment and accessories.

Besides, each hot dipped galvanized product is backed by our multi-million dollar US and global insurance policies.

ISO 9001: The quality management systems certification

We also have ISO 9001 certification in all our factories, plus all our cuplock system is certified as per German DIN standards, which is mandatory for sales to Western European markets.

The ISO 9001 certification is an internationally recognized Quality Management System, which is a set of policies, rules, and procedures necessary for planning, production, development, execution, and service in a business organization.

Our certifications for scaffolding projects

We don’t want to stop. We love moving forward and keep going. That’s why we have plans on getting new important certifications for scaffolding, so the quality and high standards we make ourselves proud are tested and approved.

At AAIT, we have our eyes set on ANSI, OSHA, and SAIA certifications.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a nonprofit organization that oversees the development of standards for products, services, processes, and systems in the United States. But it also coordinates the US country’s standards with international standards, so that the products of that country can be used throughout the world.

On the other hand, OSHA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration certificate, handed by the US Department of Labor, whose primary purpose is to make known that the receiving professional or company has a comprehensive knowledge of the hazards in the workplace and knows how to avoid them and act in case an emergency occurs.

And SAIA (Scaffold & Access Industry Association) is a training program for people working directly or not with scaffolds. The program is entitled Scaffold Hazard Awareness Training.

Not only are we a brand you can trust, but we also offer free engineer-stamped scaffold design and drawings to all of our customers. Our personable team is dedicated to supplying our customers with the finest quality equipment and service as well.

Although Technocraft is globally recognized as the standard in scaffold supply, at AAIT we pride ourselves on providing individualized customer care to all of our clients. We recognize that in our ever-changing professional landscape, we must treat every customer in a manner that addresses their specific concerns.

If you want to learn about our scaffolding manufacturing process, make sure to click on this link.

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