Types of scaffolding according to the project or event to be assembled

Constructing a building, making the structure of an event, or just painting or remodeling are creative acts that depend on scaffoldings. They represent the beginning of a project, which makes them essential. Bellow, we want to present different types of scaffolding according to different perspectives.

As to the structure of scaffoldings, there is a diversity of classifications that allows us to group them according to their load, manufacture, their point of support, purpose, system, and function. In this occasion, we will deepen in the scaffolds according to their function, load, and use.

Types of scaffolding according to their function

Knowing scaffolding classification according to their function is fundamental to determine which is appropriate for each construction.

For work: These types of scaffolding are destined to construction projects. They include formworks.

For safety: These are the ones used for protecting a specific zone for the construction.

For service: They facilitate the passage of materials, workers, and operators, such as walkways and stairs.

For public use: For specific periods, they substitute a way of access and can bear the pedestrians flow. They also include shielded enclosures that protect pedestrians from the construction.

For entertainment: These are assembly structures for events or shows, such as stands, lighting support, etc.

Types of scaffolding according to load

Determining the load a scaffolding can bear is essential to precise which one is appropriate for the magnitude of the project.

Light scaffoldings: Suitable for simple jobs with light loads. They work for roof repair and cleaning, carpentry, facade coatings, painting, etc. Masonry works that involve the loading of cement, concrete, and hefty blocks and rebars are excluded.

Heavy scaffoldings: Wide tray protection scaffolds for large loads. They are often used in jobs where concrete, and very heavy and bulky stones and rods are handled. They are used in industrial constructions, assembly of lights or any other machinery or resource in musical and entertainment events.

Mobile scaffoldings: They are lightweight scaffoldings with wheels on their base, which makes possible their displacement. They are easy to transport in the workplace, their quick to assemble and their cost is much lower than other scaffolds. They are usually made of aluminum and have a braking device for the wheels and leveling mechanisms to adjust them to the unevenness of the floor. They can reach heights of 8 and 12 meters.

Types of scaffolding according to their use

Current scaffoldings are tubular and differ regarding materials and assemblies, so it is necessary to know them according to their uses.

Gondolas: Suspended scaffolding whose support is located on the rooftop. They can be manual or with an engine included, and are common in glass cleaning jobs and building maintenance.

European style: Widely used in facade jobs. They can be supported on the floor or suspended from a structure.

Multidirectional prefabricated: Pre-assembled scaffolding applicable to construction or industry.

Mobile towers: Scaffolding-stairs that allow access to the different levels of the construction work. They have wheels for mobility and are light and resistant.

Shoring towers: They support loads instead of enabling access to a work area, like holding the ground.

Structures for shows and events: They are portable, must be resistant and very safe. They must even be assembled by specialized personnel and are regulated under the same rules that apply to construction scaffolding. Stands and structures for shows fall into the scaffolding category.

Assembling a scaffolding is the result of a previous study of resistance and stability both of the scaffolding and the terrain to prevent risks in any construction. This activity is left upon someone external to the construction project, as it requires specialized personnel qualified by national and international regulations.

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